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ISIS kills Ethiopian Christians who refused to renounce Christiaity and convert to Islam


Terror group Islamic State has recently released another video threatening the Western Christians of dire consequences if they do not convert to Islam. The video which was released by the terror outfit on April 19, also shows more Christians being brutally executed. This time the terror group’s victims were Ethiopians Christians.

Persecution of Christians

The video purportedly shows the terror organization killing more Christians in Libya, for not paying Jaziya (a religious tax which the “People of the Book” are required to pay). In first scene, this 29 minutes long video shows a group of Ethiopian Christians, in black dresses kneeling down as their arms were tied back. While at their backs, stood masked ISIS terrorists holding rifles which pointed towards their captives’ heads. A narrator terms these Christian captives the “Worshipers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church.”

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In another scene, more Ethiopians Christians can be seen dressed in orange jumpsuits and standing on the shores of Barqa. Another scene shows a narrator giving references to fatwas that proclaimed all Christians “infidels.” Afterwards an ISIS militant who is supposedly one of groups’ leaders is show stating, “The dealings of the Islamic State with Christians under its authority is according to Allah’s Sharia [Islamic law]. Jizya [tribute] is imposed on those who accept, and war on those who resist.”

The last scene of the ghastly video shows Christians in Fezzan, Libya being put to death by gunfire to the back of their heads. The terror group stated that these Christians had refused to pay jaziya. In case of not paying jaziya, these Christians were left with no other option but to convert to Islam, which they turned down.

The new video of the executed Ethiopian Christians shows some other scenes of the cities currently under the control of the Islamic State. Thee scenes showed pictures of churches in Ninevah and Mosul in Iraq. These scenes showed the churches in Nineveh and Mosul being destroyed, because the local Christians did not pay jizya.