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ISIS likely to target civil, military and minorities’ establishments in Punjab, intelligence agencies warn



Punjab Home Department issues forth warnings that the terror group Islamic State might launch attacks on civil and military targets.

In the wake of intelligence reports, the Punjab Home Department has issued alerts to Punjab police and other security agencies in Punjab, containing warnings that the self-styled Islamic State is planning attacks on various civil and military targets.

According to a premier Pakistani newspaper Dawn, that in the face of looming threats from the terror group Islamic State, directives have been issued to the divisional police chiefs along with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) to ensure ‘foolproof security measures.’

It has been speculated that Islamic State terrorists might zero in on the police patrols, military vehicles or private establishments. However, the reports from the intelligence agencies are in contradiction to what the Federal government had to say about presence of Islamic State (Daesh) in Pakistan.

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In this regard, while talking with the Dawn, the law minister of Punjab Rana Sanaullah had purportedly said, that warning of this kind; have become a routine matter. “There is no existence of Daesh in Pakistan, especially in Punjab. There are some troublemakers belonging to banned outfits and the government is making efforts to eliminate these criminals,” he said.

On the other hand, the Rawalpindi Regional Police Officer Mohammad Fakhar Sultan Raja, reckons to “sensitize private establishments” to the consternating threat alert, in order to chalk out the “precautionary measures” before long.

More than that, the Punjab government has issues an alert expressly mentioning that the Islamic State militants are eyeing to strike Pakistan Army vehicles which would be moving on Jalalpur Jattan Road along with the police patrols on the GT Road in Gujrat district.

Yet, an intelligence official additionally revealed that there are reports that Islamic State (Daesh) probable will target religious minorities and foreigners. Seeing the sever threats posed by the terrorist out-fit, a counterterrorism National Action Plan (NAP) will be employed by the security agencies and the Punjab police.