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ISIS Man Gave Him A Sword And Said, “This Is To Kill Your Mother” – A Mother Reveals ISIS Horrors


ISIS training children
An Iraqi woman reveals ISIS militant asked my son to behead me.

A female captive of ISIS, revealed while talking to MailOnline, said, “ISIS trained my son to learn the Koran, how to speak Arabic, how to pray and how to use a sword.”

Zohar’s 12-year-old son was forced to learn passages from the Koran, and handed a sword by his ISIS captors, who told him “this is to kill your mother”. Zohar, her 14-year-old daughter, and her 12-year-old son were captured by ISIS last year.

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She added: “They told him that you are Kafir, Arabic for ‘non-believers’ and told him he had to fight them. “This one time the ISIS man gave him a sword and said, “this is to kill your mother.”

Zohar and her son were bought by a Syrian man, after both of them were detained in an ISIS “prison that was under the earth”. The Syrian who bought them, she says, “He was very bad to us, he did not give anything to us, he never opened the fridge for us

“I wanted him to sell me back to my family, but he refused. I asked him if he bring my other daughters and son here, but he refused,” she added.

After bout two months, Zohar and her son were sold to a high-ranking ISIS commander.The ISIS commander who bought Zohar and her son made her work as a servant with two other teenage captive girls, and sent her son to the jihadi training camp. Her son still can not talk about what went on in the ISIS camp. He draws his finger across his throat, when being asked what he was taught there.