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ISIS Militants Snatched A 3-Year-Old Christian Girl From Her Mother


An Iraqi Christian mother details how ISIS militants snatched her 3-year-old daughter.

3-year-old Christian girl abducted by ISIS
3-year-old Christian girl abducted by ISIS

3-year-old, Christina Khider Abada was seated beside her mother, Ayda Abada, on a bus she told, “then one of ISIS men came and had a look over the bus and saw my daughter Christina. He took her out of the bus and ISIS man went to the direction of the health centre. Then later, another older man from the terrorists came from the health centre and was carrying Christina, and came straight to me and asked me: ‘Is this your daughter?

“I said yes. Both of us, Christina and I, were crying. I asked them many times that Christina is a little baby and she is innocent, she is just a little baby girl, and I pleaded (with) them and begged his mercy to allow my child to return to me. I told them that she is very little, (and asked) what kind of crime she had done. Then the ISIS men told me in aggressive way: ‘If you want your daughter, we will kill you. Then these men put the gun to my head and with violent tone forced me to get back in the bus.”

She added with a wrenched heart: “My heart was with my daughter … I do not know how to live without my child Christina, but ISIS men forced me to go back into the bus. All the time my heart and thought were with my daughter, Christina.”

The abduction occurred on August 24 in a Christian town of Qaraqosh, Iraq, which had fallen to Islamic State militants the night of August 6-7. Khider Abada the father of the kidnapped girl is blind, so the family could not flee their home. They were among 30 Christian families to remain in the town as the ISIS fighters arrived.