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ISIS Militants Throw the Last Christian Out Of Mosul


BAGHDAD: A 70 year old Christian tells his story of painful exodus from Mosul as the ISIS militants threw him out of the city.

Christians expelled from Mosul
Christians expelled from Mosul

Yaqoob, a 70-year-old, Christian of Mosul was one of the few Christians remaining beyond the ISIS deadline. This courageous man may have even been the last to leave alive. He tells his encounter with the militants saying, “A fighter said, ‘I have orders to kill you now.” He said, just hours after the extremists tried to force their way into his home at 11 a.m. his neighbours came to help him. “All of the people in my neighbourhood were Muslim. They came to help me —about 20 people — at the door in front of my house. They tried to convince ISIS not to kill me,”he told.


The rebels spared Yaqoob but threw him out of Mosul- the city where he had spent his entire life. What’s more they snatched his Iraqi ID card and informed him that elderly women would be given his house.


In June this year, ISIS stated caliphate covering parts of Syria and Iraq, declared that all Muslims must pledge faithfulness to the ISIS leader and said it wanted to be known as just “Islamic State.” In Syria, ISIS brought back seventh-century laws to govern Christians after seizing the city of Raqqa. “They have no mercy,” one Christian living there told an international news agency.
Whereas about 2 million Christians inhabited Iraq in the 1990s, church leaders confirmed that figure plunged to around 200,000 by 2013. The sudden rise of ISIS has caused mass Exodus of Christians from Iraq.