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ISIS Must Be “Wiped Out” Says French Defence Minister


France’s defence minister has vowed that Isis must be “wiped out” as the country mounts its response to three days of terror attacks.

France determined to wipe out ISIS
France determined to wipe out ISIS

“It is the same enemy. Our forces are on the ground here because…for our troops it’s the same fight,” Defence Minister Le Drian said. “The response is inside and outside France. Islamic State (Isis) is a terrorist army with fighters from everywhere…it is an international army that has to be wiped out and that is why we are part of the coalition,” he added.

According to details, an Isis-inspired gunman was among the three extremists who carried out co-ordinated atrocities that left 17 people dead in Paris. As a result of these terrorist attacks, about 10,000 soldiers and police have been deployed to sensitive areas, including synagogues, mosques and airports, in the wake of the Paris attacks.