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ISIS Offensive In Iraq: Civilian Death Toll Double As Recorded In 2013


ISIS is being blamed for increased death toll in Iraq.

ISIS cause sharp rise in civilian deaths
ISIS cause sharp rise in civilian deaths

The bloodshed by terror group ISIS peaked in June last year, when ISIS launched a major offensive to take Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, and extend its reach far into Iraq. There were 2,534 civilian deaths recorded in June. Since then, the average has been more than 1,500 civilian deaths a month. It’s was a bloody year in Iraq, where ISIS militants managed to seize swaths of territory and remained on the offensive.

Iraq Body Count said, at least 17,049 civilians were recorded killed in Iraq during 2014, approximately double the number recorded in 2013. The awful rise in deaths in 2014 is largely due to ISIS advance and assault which led to retaliation from Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led international coalition. The group further says that the highest number of civilian deaths was seen in Baghdad, with more than 4,750 reported. More than 3,600 civilians were killed in western Anbar province, half of them by the Iraqi military in daily airstrikes, primarily in and around Falluja.