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ISIS Offering Slave Girls As Prize For Memorizing Quran in Ramadan


isis slave
In the Holy month of Ramazan, ISIS has launched a competition to memorize the Holy Quran and any one who successfully does it is entitled to young slave girls as prizes.

Ramazan is the month in which Muslim around the world read the Holy Quran extensively and memorizing it is condidered pious and an exceptionally good thing to do.

ISIS however, placed an advertisement in Al- Barakah province in Syria which highlighted the chapters of the Holy Quran which need to be memorized, the prize for which is a slave girl.

The advert read:

To the soldiers of the Islamic State in all of the departments in the province of el-Baraqa. We congratulate you for the blessed Ramadan month and may the Lord accept from us and from you the fast. May god deliver us and you from the fire.

After mentioning the Surahs, the prize list is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the competitors will be divided and marked between the dates Ramadan 21st until Ramadan 27th.

The prizes will be distributed on the first day of Eid el-Fitr in the name of Allah.
The Prizes for this competition are:

  1. 1st prize: A slave girl
  2. 2nd prize: A slave girl
  3. 3rd prize: A slave girl
  4. 4th prize: 100,000 Syrian lira ($462)
  5. 5th prize: 90,000 Syrian lira
  6. 6th prize: 80,000 Syrian lira
  7. 7th prize: 70,000 Syrian lira
  8. 8th prize: 60,000 Syrian lira
  9. 9th prize: 50,000 Syrian Lira
  10. 10th prize: 50,000 Syrian Lira

We ask the great lord to make your life easier and to grant you with what he loves and what pleases him.