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ISIS Pamphlets Circulating In Bajaur Agency


ISIS pamphlets circulating in Bajaur Agency

PESHAWAR: Pamphlets with alleged affiliation with militant group ISIS circulated in areas of Bajaur Agency.

According to media reports, pamphlets have been found circulating in areas of Bajaur Agency which bear militant group Islamic State’s seal. These one-page pamphlets bear a sectarian tone as pose threats to various elements of society.

The pamphlets carry messages that the militant group aims to attack polio workers, government functionaries and anyone suspected of ‘spying’. Two months earlier, two men were arrested who had been involved in distributing ISIS pamphlets.

According to a local tribal leader from Bajaur Agency, “Pamphlets were discovered in Inayat Kalay and areas of Mamound District of Bajuar Agency. It’s mostly to cause panic.id the tribal leader from the area. The situation is very much under control.”

However, the leader of ISIS (also known as Daesh) in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Hafiz Saeed, was said to be killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the militant group has denied. The leader is believed to be originally from the Orakzai Agency.