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ISIS paving ways in Pakistan aims to make it their next terror camp


ISIS in Pakistan

According to Express Tribune reports, a document, which purportedly belonged to the Islamic State (ISIS) has been found in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

The Express Tribune reports, these documents have been found by the American Media Institute (AMI). Further details revealed that the document titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC): The Caliphate According to the Prophet’, was discovered in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

This document was written in Urdu. Furthermore, the document includes a graphic portrayal of the six stages of the Islamic State. While on the other hand, a US intelligence official has verified that the document is authentic and stated that according to the diagram, “the fifth phase declares the caliphate will be followed by a final phase, “open warfare” in 2017.”

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Regarding this document, a US Defence Intelligence Agency Director General Michael Flynn stated, “While the world is watching videos of beheadings and crucifixions in Iraq and Syria the Islamic State is moving into North Africa.”

Additionally, it can be assumed from the document that terror group ISIS aims to continue advancing towards India seeing it as its upcoming front line sooner than Europe. Moreover, ISIS has signalled in the document that Pakistan and Afghanistan are eyed as its future terror camps.