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ISIS releases a chilling video showing execution of Pakistani soldiers



Terror group Islamic State releases a hair-raising video showing execution of Pakistani soldiers.

According to details, world’s ultra terror group Islamic State is talking big about its latest propaganda video showing execution of Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border.

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This chilling video which was released on Christmas Eve is titled “Khorasan, The Graveyard of the Apostates.” In this video ISIS purportedly boasts of its guerrilla warfare tactics on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In the 12-minute video, the ISIS jihadists can be seen in a mountainous region near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The ISIS jihadists fired a multiple guns shots along with missiles before launching a surprise attack on a group of soldiers. Later on, the video shows one Pakistani soldier being cruelly beheaded while two other Pakistani soldiers blindfolded and being shot dead on a mountain top.