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ISIS spreading Terror in Philippines


isis philippines
The Islamic State terrorists have now reached the Philippines. Kidnappings, beheading and rape are slowly starting to increase in the south East Asian part of the world. This is after ISIS has developed a strong base in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Islamic extremists now want to control Mindanao, Philippines.

Last fall, Missionary Pastor Danial and two other family members were kidnapped by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and in an exclusive interview with CBN news he told, “When the two men captured me, I had a towel around my neck,” he said. “One of the Muslim soldiers grabbed the towel and told me, ‘We will use this to wipe the blood from your neck.”

Danial was then taken to their camp and he met their leader Commander Tokboy. He told Danial that the aim of their group was to behead people for evangelizing. “I told him I was only helping the tribes. There is nothing wrong with preaching the gospel while serving them,” he recalled. “He said, “Anyone who brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ and upholds the God of Israel is our enemy.”

Pastor Danial was given proof of identity by Tokboy. He told him, “I am the leader of ISIS in the Mindanao islands. The Philippine government has been hunting me for a long time.” Danial also saw ISIS flags and letterheads in the camp.

Soldiers had been digging Danials grave in front of him. The next morning Commander Tokboy received a phone call and told Danial he was lucky he was not going to die.

Danial returned home with a warning to stop evangelizing tribal people and he now lives in another area. However, the Philippine government is investigating reports that potential ISIS recruits have received training in a remote village not far from Zamboanga City.