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ISIS tries to lure deaf to join the extremist group: Deaf Bible Society counteracts to reach the deaf with the story of Jesus


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The Deaf Bible Society starts reaching out to the deaf who are manipulated by extremist group ISIS.

According to details, the Deaf Bible Society has initiated a movement to reach out the deaf community in The Middle East and reveal to them the story of Jesus in sign language. Previously, ISIS has made efforts to recruit the deaf promising them of false hopes.

Because of the fact that the deaf are mostly, sidelined and ignored in the society they become easy targets for extremist group ISIS’s manipulation campaign. The Deaf Bible Society has decided to take on ISIS on this front.
Despite the fact that only 20 out of 400 sign languages in the world have Biblical content in some form. Moreover, in Middle East none of the sign languages being used have Biblical content which makes the deaf deprive of knowing Lord Jesus Christ.

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As only 20 of the world’s 400 sign languages have some form of Bible content available, there is not one sign language in the Middle East that has Bible content available to let those in the region who are deaf know that there is hope that can be found in the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Deaf communities are often overlooked in the Middle East, they become susceptible to fall for the sense of empowerment promised to them by IS, a terrorist group that has become renowned for the lies it uses to recruit disenfranchised members of society.

In March, earlier this year, ISIS released a video that was intended to entice the deaf people to join the jihadist group.In the wake of this, DBS in an attempt to counteract ISIS is aiming to translate Bible for sign language in the Middle East.

Deaf Bible Society President J.R. Bucklew said, “A lot of deaf communities have really been put down by their societies, so they see something like the ISIS video and say, ‘Wow, a regime that is actually going to give us something, give us a place, give us stature, give us empowerment.’

But, it is a false empowerment. It is a temporary empowerment. It’s temporary hope, and even then it is not true hope. So, we have to provide them a resource that they can look at. It’s not my words. It’s not your words. It’s just God’s words, so that they can gauge and say what is true hope. Not only hope for today, but hope for eternity.”