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ISIS Waging Water Wars In Iraq And Syria


The terrorist group has been cutting off water from provinces, making the river run dry. According to Furat al-Timimi of Iraq’s parliamentary Agriculture and Water Committee, the Euphrates has dropped below 50% of its normal rate.

“The Islamic State’s done a few things like this. This, unfortunately, is not unique,” says Emily Fuentes of Open Doors USA.

“Whenever the Islamic State is cutting off water or cutting off food points for people to get access of food, water, other materials, it affects not only the region, but all the surrounding regions as well.”

“Even before the current crisis, overuse pollution and population growth had stretched the resources of the Euphrates River, the main source of water for 27 million people not just in Iraq, but in Syria and Turkey, too,” a Business Insider post said.

The flow of water in the Euphrates River has dropped below 50 percent of its normal rate of 200 cubic meters per second since IS took over the Ramadi barrage, Tamimi told Radio Free Iraq on June 22.