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Islam Nagar: Landlords wittingly inundate Christians’ graveyard by sewage


Influential locals in Punjab’ Islam Nagar inundate Christians’ graveyard by sewerage. Several graves desecrated, as the waste water gushed into the graveyard. The heinous incident took place in Chak 81, Islam Nagar, Nankana. Local Christians up in arms after several graves of Christians desecrated owing to inundated.

Christians' graveyard desecrated by landlords

In compliance with Tariq Chaman’ report, landlords in Chak 81-Islam Nagar, Nankana have tightened the noose around Christians. They have inundated local Christian graveyard in a recent incident of viciousness. More than half of the graveyard is under the waste water, now appears like a pool of stagnant water. The landlords intended to annex the graveyard’ land with their fish farm which is adjacent to the graveyard.

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It was further disclosed that the local landlords who caste a pronounced influence on local administration and police, which results in inaction on their part. Christians protest against the condemnable act, and urge the Chief Minister of Punjab to take action against those responsible for the desecration.

The graveyard inundated by waste water, was granted to Christians before establishment of Pakistan. The British government had granted about one and a half acres of land for Christians’ graveyard. An official record of this grant is with the authorities. Moreover, in 2009, this grant was verified by the authorities.