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Islamabad: A local group takes up an uphill battle against prevalent whoredom, alcoholism and drug pushing in a Christians’ neighborhood


Christian charity group Morning Star Welfare Society had taken up the task of eradicating the bane of alcoholism, drugs buying and selling and brazen harlotry which is widespread in a Christians’ neighborhood in Islamabad’ s F-6/2. The group which is headed by Karamat Masih Hero is determined to do away with the scourge and shift their drive in other cities of Pakistan.

Christians in 100 Quarters Colony F-6/2 Islamabad

In this regard, the group had organized a protest against the immoralities being practiced by the Christian residents of the neighborhood. The group aims to thwart the elements fanning and backing these depravities – which have entangled Christian youth in a downward spiral. “I urge all who are suffering or know someone who knows anyone who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to visit our rehabilitation center.”

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“I beseech all residents to help me in eradicating this bane from our neighborhood.” In a press release, Karamat Masih Hero had asserted that he is striving for upholding human dignity and rights due to every human being. “We need to take prompt action so that our neighborhood does not turn into Sodom and Gomorrah; and the wrath of God falls on us.” I implore you all to immediately halt alcohol selling business – if anyone pressurizes you to continue with the trading inform the authorities.

There are youngsters who have fallen into the pit of drug addiction; they sit at every corner of the streets – causing a nuisance for our girls and elderly. “I urge all parents to bring their drug addicted children to our rehabilitation center, so that we can save them from the torment and they shape into honorable citizens.”

“I urge the government of Pakistan to take inexorable action against the drug peddlers, and those supporting alcohol businesses and hook those who let them free once they are detained. I seek assistance from the S.S.P Islamabad and Interior Minister,” he stated. While talking with Christians in Pakistan, Karamat Masih Hero said that he intends to take his campaign to various cities and jostle against the prevalent scourges in our society- which are the prime cause of downfall of Christians.