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Islamabad: A technical training center for Christians faces threats from Taliban


A vocational training center in Islamabad is allegedly under threat. This vocational institute is for Christian community. A local Christian charity Pakistan Development Foundation launched poverty lessening through skill development program, in 2007. In a recent composition, a leading Christian rights activist Shamim Masih reported that previously the training center was threatened by Taliban- a terror organisation. Whereas a group allegedly gained control of the institute in 2009.

Pakistani Christian institutes

In keeping with the All Churches Council’ coordinator- Basharat Khokher, the Pakistan Development Foundation had purchased 12 Kenals land with a plan to allocate a twelfth portion of the land for a vocational training center for Christians. He said, “We had threats from Taliban split organizations and later they came in through different ways. But we have struggled hard and our fellow Muslim brother Saqib Ali and others helped us a lot in acquiring the land from the Taliban group. Finally we were able to release the institution from the said group.”

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Moreover, Saqib Ali while sharing his thoughts said, “We have been living with Christian community for years and we have developed good relation and in a favor to create better interaction/harmony. Though we still have threats from the Taliban group but we believe that victory is ours.”

Further more, one of the instructors at the institute, Ms. Samina, expressed relief and delight while saying, “It is grace of God that PDF won the case and now we can register new girls for the training.” She went on to disclose more about the Skill Enhancement and Educational Program (SEEP) which she said “Is our new program and very soon we will launch it.”

Additionally the Executive Director of Pakistan Development Foundation- Nadeem Gill went on to reveal that in times past a group comprising of Umar Afridi, Zabita Khan & Javed Payara expressed an interest in our institute and said that they want to join in for community service. He said that these people had evil intentions and the captured the institute in 2009. Nadeem Gill went on to say that he decided to take the legal route and filed the case against the perpetrators and after years of striving Pakistan Development Foundation won the ownership of the institute back in 2015.