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Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds Christmas fete


A Christmas and New Year celebratory function was organized by the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A large number of Christians including Pastor Asif Riaz, Christian Counselor Chaudhry Rashid Farzand, Chaudhry Ashraf Farzand –Chairman Pakistan Minority Forum, Pastor Saleem and many others.

Pakistani Christian businessmen celebrate Christmas

Addressing the guests, the Acting President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khalid Malik said that Christian community had been playing a vital role in the economic uplifting of the country; he lauded the efforts of the Christian community while saying that government must ensure enhanced protection of the rights of all Non-Muslims Pakistanis including Christians. He suggested that the government must provide special incentives to the minority business communities. He said that minority business community can put in valuable contribution to reinforce the economy.

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He went on to say that the government must society should hold similar ceremonies so as to promote social harmony and national unity. He also asserted that the Chamber is working for promotion of interests of members of all communities irrespective of their religion; owing to the fact that many businessmen from the Christian community are members of the Chamber. He reiterated the resolve that the Chamber will continue to play a pivotal role in solving the issues of Christian business community.

Furthermore Vice President of the Chamber Tahir Ayub, said that said that the teachings of Christ have served as guiding principles for Muslims as well. He continued to say that Christ had laid great emphasis in serving others which was a golden principle taught by Islam.

Tahir Ayub also expressed appreciation towards the Pakistani Christian community saying that they had been playing imperative roles in all walks of life including economy, politics, law, medicine, education and many others. He assured that the Chamber will continue to hold events like this in future in order to bring various communities closer.

Attendees from the Christian community including Pastor Asif Riaz, Christian Counselor Chaudhry Rashad Farzand, Pakistan Minority Forum Chairman Chaudhry Ashraf Farzand, and Pastor Saleem extended gratitude towards the Chamber for organizing Christmas ceremony. They said that ceremonies like this have boosted the confidence of the Pakistani Christian businessmen, who can strive for the betterment of the country with renewed buoyancy. The ceremony was concluded by cutting a Christmas cake.