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Islamabad: Christian leaders visit Islamic Research Institute


On October 10, a group of 55 Christian leaders visited the Islamic Research Center (IRI) in Islamabad. This visit was organized in order to promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan. It was organized as part of the Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative of the Government of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan

Paigham-e-Pakistan is aimed to create understating of shared concepts and beliefs between the two religions. Christian leaders highlighted the role of the initiative in promoting interfaith harmony and peace in the country. They said that such visits could bridge gap between different religions.

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The Christian leaders said that promoting interfaith harmony is a service to humanity. They said that such visits can help recover the tainted relationship between Christians and Muslims. The speakers said that Christianity and Islam are two major religions in the world. “With such a significant share of the global population, relations between Muslims and Christians therefore have a huge impact on the state of religious harmony globally.

Unfortunately, the world today continues to witness the rising trend of Muslim-Christian tensions and even conflicts that seriously affect the inter-religious relations,” they said. They said that such gatherings prove that solidarity could be fostered in Pakistan.

The visitors also said that this was a unique and joyous occasion, also emphasized that there is still need of such efforts to foster religion based tolerance and solidarity among all Pakistanis. Christian leaders said that it was the need of the hour that all Pakistanis irrespective of their religion should show respect and tolerance towards other religions so that a peaceful society could be formed. The visitors said that through inter-religious exchanges and discussions on religious values promote the idea of coexistence.