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Islamabad: Christmas preparations gaining impetus with each passing day


Christian community in the country prepares to celebrate Christmas with traditional zeal and fervency. Reports from various parts of the country emerged delineating that the Christmas preparations included decoration of churches, installation of Christmas trees and setting up the crib.

Pakistani Christmas prepare to celebrate Christmas

In compliance with details, the areas which was inhabited by Christians predominantly have been already decorated. Churches have adorned with fairy lights, colorful lights, and traditional Christmas trees. These preparations are gaining momentum with each passing day as Christians continue to enjoy the festivity of the season with religious zeal and fervency and enthusiasm.

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“We have started shopping before December 25 as the winter variety of clothes and shoes has arrived in the markets,” a group of young Christian girls said as they added, “We decorate Christmas tree in our home with ornaments and visit family members and friends to greet and exchange some gifts and greeting cards,” they added.

Young Christian girls and boys are preparing and rehearsing for Christmas tableaus and carol singing studying in various educational institutions run by the churches have started rehearsing for tableau and carols singing programs in addition to various other activities in order to celebrate the festivity of the season.

Additionally Christians are thronging local markets shopping for the festive day, at the same time they are busy buying gifts for their loved ones. These activities will reach their peak on the Eve of Christmas. Like every year, Pakistani Christians are gearing up to celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm and religious zeal in the midst of the echoing of church bells that announce the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The joyous occasion of Christmas fills the atmosphere in Churches with festive vibe and traditions of Christmas that mainly includes Christmas Tree, Santa Clause, Carols and Christmas gifts.

Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter while a big procession takes place from St. Anthony’s Church to the Cathedral in Lahore. Owing to the large assembly of Christians reaching the Cathedral for services usually takes hours.

The celebrations never grow dim before and during Advent, while seminars take place to help people to prepare for Christmas or ‘Bara Din’ (as local Christians call – meaning ‘Big Day’).