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Islamabad: Churches advised to obtain weapons for their security


Churches in Pakistan

Churches advised to obtain licensed weapons for the sake of their security.

In keeping with details, the city government of the federal capital has given advice to the administrative officials of Churches to acquire required security devices. They were also advised to get licenses for weapons to make certain that the congregants who gather in these worship places are secure.

The church leaders along with the administrative staff and the city administration held a meeting. During this meeting, the church leaders were briefed about the necessary steps that should be taken on order to ensure the security of the churches and congregants.

City Police Officer Asrar Abbasi, the District Coordination Officer Sajid Zafarwall, Senior Superintendent of Police Operations Karamat Ullah met with the senior Christian leaders during this meeting. They discussed their views regarding the security situation of churches.

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The city government administration’s representatives advised the church leaders and Christian representatives to install metal detectors, CCTV cameras and the walk through gates in the churches. They were told that the church administrations should get licenses for the security devices.

In this regard, City Police Officer Asrar Abbasi said that it is the obligation of the state to provide security to its citizens of every religion. He said that it is the city administration’s duty to make sure that the places of worship regardless of religion, are safe however, the religious communities should also extend some cooperative assistance to the administration.

He said that the church leadership should help the city’s administration by buying security devices and deploying security guards. He said that police is not always available to be deployed at churches because of the inevitable deployment in other areas of the city.

Moreover, the District Co-ordination Officer Sajid Zafarwal assured the leaders of the churches that if they would face problem of any sorts regarding obtaining licenses for the weapons, they were welcome to contact the DCO office and necessary assistance will be extended.