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Islamabad: Government urged to take action against land mafia encroaching churches’ properties


Christian leaders have urged the government to take action against the elements that are seizing properties belonging to churches. It was reiterated that Christians will resist such criminal acts at all costs. They condemned the elements that are eyeing to grab the land belonging to churches.

Pakistani Christians call for protection

In a joint press conference, various Christian leaders expressed their concerns over their issues. Christian leaders stated that Pakistani Christians are loyal citizens and are committed to the country’s solidarity and progress. At the same time, they highlighted the services of Pakistani Christians for the defense of the country.

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They said that Christians had been instrumental in the fields of health and education. “As patriots, Christians would continue serving the nation in the same manner,” these leaders stated. Nonetheless, Christians lamented over the fact that owing to certain elements rights of Pakistani Christians have been usurped.

They whined that despite serving the country will their all-out efforts, Christians are not regarded as equal citizens of Pakistan. However, they said that in the face of discrimination Pakistani Christians are still determined to get their constitutional rights. They claimed that Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had guaranteed equal rights for non-Muslim Pakistanis. In the light of Quaid-e-Azam’s views, we want our promised rights, they said.

They further complained about certain elements that are encroaching properties belonging to churches. They urged the government to take action against these elements and try thwarting such encroachments. They reiterated that Christians would always fight against such criminal acts at all costs.