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Islamabad: J. Salik leads protest of CDA’ sanitary workers over non-payment of salaries


Renowned Christian leader J. Salik led a protest against the alleged delay in payments of salaries to CDA’ sanitary workers. At this occasion, CDA’ employed sanitary workers strongly protested against the non-payment of salaries since last three moths. This protest was held in front of the Aabpara Police Station, on May 2, Monday.

J.Salik protesting against CDA

J Salik who is Convener of World Minorities Alliance and organizer of Awaami Maseeha Party joined hands with the sanitary workers who are predominantly Christians. They claimed that CDA has failed to pay their salaries since last three months and demanded that steps should be taken for immediate payment of their salaries.

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During the protest, J Salik said that the sanitary workers, majority of them are Christians, are making both ends meet with great difficulty. “They get up very early in the morning and clean the city without bothering about their health and other needs,” he said while added that despite the fact that CDA does not provides them medical treatment facility; even if they have life-threatening diseases while serving. “It’s very shameful for us and we call ourselves as nuclear power, what nonsense.”

He went on to grumble that we as a nation should be feeling guilty, while calling ourselves international competitors, when “We are unable to pay even our sanitary workers, whose salary is only ten or twelve thousand rupees per month.” He went on to portray a dismal situation for these underprivileged Pakistanis and said “Survival becomes hard when salary is late even for a month.” He urged all to imagine the situation of poor family with no money to survive saying, “What could be the conditions of a house where, there is no salary for the last three months.”

Moreover, J. Salik insisted that the government has been involved in several injustices with the religious minorities by means of privatizing sanitation department of CDA. He said that the non-payment of salaries since last three months is tantamount to humiliating these Christian workers, “It’s an open expression of hate with Christians because no other department is privatized like sanitation department.”