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Islamabad: Kashmir rally held under the patronage of Senator Kamran Michael


Ministry for Human Rights expresses solidarity with down trodden Kashmiris. On July 22, Friday a rally was organized under the patronage of Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael, calling for action against blatant violation of human rights at the hands of Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir. The participants strongly condemned the atrocities committed by the Indian forces against the Kashmiris.

Kashmir Rally held in Islamabad

People from every walk of life attended the rally and expressed strong discontentment over the violation of human rights in the Indian held Kashmir. They urged for freedom for the Kashmiris. The participants were carrying banners and raising slogans against the killings of Kashmiris recently. At this occasion, Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael heaped condemnation over the incidents and said that human rights need to be endorsed and violations must not be overlooked.

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The rally comes in the wake of recent killings by the Indian forces. Previously, on July 19, Pakistan had observed a black day expressing solidarity with Kashmiris. The uproar was caused after Burhan Wani, a 22-year-old commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen was killed in a brief shoot-out with Indian forces on July 8.Wani’s death flickered clashes which resulted in killings of more than 38 people and more than 3,000 people, including about 200 police officers, injured.

Pakistan raised the issue with top UN officials presenting letters to the UN chief Ban ki-Moon. Additionally, Pakistani Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi informed the UN officials about the unrest in Kashmir, terming it blatant violation of fundamental human rights.

Previously, Pakistani Christians expressed solidarity with Kashmiris who are being burdened by the atrocities of India. On July 17, Sunday a rally was organized under the auspices of the Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael. The rally was held at Lahore’ Liberty Chowk, Gullberg where dozens of Christians participated and chanted slogans in favor of Kashmiris.