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Islamabad: MNA Asiya Nasir speaks up about “forced conversions” in the National Assembly


Asiya Nasir

Pakistani Christian JUF leader and Member of National Assembly Asiya Nasir speaks up about the rapidly increasing trend of kidnapping and forced conversions of the females from the religious minorities; in particular Christians.

While addressing the House during a recent session; MNA Asiya Nasir unflinchingly raised her voice against the forced conversions of Christian girls to Islam. She termed this trend as blatant violation of human rights.

“I think if we want to highlight the Kashmir issue; then Pakistan needs to become a member of the Human Rights Council. However, I was waiting for the point until the respected Minister would direct the government’s attention towards an inevitable issue.

The rights of the religious minorities residing in Pakistan are being violated, and these violations are being carried out since quite some time,” she criticized. She went on to point towards the negligence of the government towards the religious minorities which has led to several issues for these sidelined non-Muslim Pakistanis.

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“However,” she continued, “there is yet another desperate issue; which I would like to highlight before this House is that of ‘forced conversions.’ The females belonging to the religious minorities who live in this country; are being forced to convert without their will. This heinous trend has become a daily routine in Sindh, however, incidents of such kind have become a daily routine in Punjab province also.”

While arguing, she presented the case of a 13-year-old Christian girl who was forced to convert in Punjab. “Only two days back, a 13-year-old Christian girl resident of District Sialkot, was kidnapped and was forced to convert from her religion.”

She argued that the major reason why Pakistan is denied membership of the Human Rights Council, she said , “I believe, as long as human rights are being violated here blatantly, which I think is not the fault of the political parties; but the entire world is keeping an eye on the situation in Pakistan. Media has advanced a lot and people can see and hear what is going on here; how human rights are being violated along with forced conversions and forced marriages.”

“In every possible way the religious minorities are being oppressed in this country. In the face of this situation, how can one hope that Pakistan’s membership of the Human Rights Committee would be restored.”