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Islamabad: More than 70% federal government jobs allocated for minorities lying vacant


Government of Pakistan

Despite a fixed legitimate quota reserved for minorities in government jobs, more than 70% of the seats reserved for the minorities in the government sector are still vacant

According to details, recent figures and facts about jobs vacancies available in Federal government sector and the recruitment for those vacant situations were presented before the Parliament just recently. The report plainly highlighted that about 8,126 job posts allocated for minorities under the quota system are currently vacant.

These job positions are available in government sector including various ministries, divisions, associated departments and autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies of the government.

The report made plain that at present only 2,447 non-Muslims are employed in various departments under the administration of Federal government. “An estimated 11,573 posts can be sanctioned under the 5% quota reserved for non-Muslims,” the report stated.

The total number of jobs sanctioned for Federal government sector are 390,278. Out of these, about 2,447 are occupied by non-Muslims and further 8,126 allocated for the non-Muslims are vacant.The Establishment Division, which is the main government body dealing with job posts under Federal Government declared that about 7,866 general posts which vary from Grade 1 till Grade 22 in a variety of ministries, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, divisions and various other government authorities are yet to be filled by the minorities.

Seeing the sluggishness of government in not recruiting minorities to their allocated seats various political parties and Members of the Parliament condemned the government for inaction over the issue of ignoring minorities. They urged the government to take substantial steps to fill in thousands of positions allocated for minorities lying vacant since years.

Pakistan People’s Party leader Farhatullah Baber urged the Chairman of Senate Raza Rabbani to take effective steps for the recruiting minorities to their allocated seats as he said these “communities are already facing discrimination.” Awami National Party’s Amar Jeet criticized the government of “breaking its social contract with the minority communities.” Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s Talha Mahmood stated that government officials are taking bribes and filling in the job positions. He urged a thorough investigation be carried out over ignorance of minorities on part of the government.