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ISRAEL- The Only Safe Place For Christians In The Middle East


Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf, a leader of the Aramaean Christian minority in Israel, said the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East is Israel.

Israel considered safe for Christians
Israel considered safe for Christians

Father Gabriel Nadaf said, “Across the Middle East, in the last ten years, 100,000 Christians have been murdered each year. That means that every five minutes a Christian is killed because of his faith. Those who can escape persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists have fled. …Those who remain exist as second if not third class citizens to their Muslim rulers.”

Nadaf continued “in the Middle East today, there is one country where Christianity is not only not persecuted, but affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security. …It is Israel, the Jewish State. Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe.”