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Israel University Decoded the Dead Sea Scroll of Ancient Bible


Haifa University rearranged the one scroll from remaining two scrolls found between 1947and 1956 in Qumran caves. There were 900 scrolls which were found by Bedouin from Qumran caves earlier are believed to be written by an ancient sect of Jews because it reveals a quite different and unique calendar used by that particular sect. During the Second Temple period this sect had been living in the Judean Desert.

Israel University Decoded the Dead Sea Scroll of Ancient Bible

The scroll is based on tiny 60 pieces which were written in encrypted language. According to a scientist these pieces were from six different scrolls and some are smaller than one square centimeter therefore they were difficult to assemble and decode.

It is found by the researches that an ancient Jewish sect called Essenes was settled near Qurman caves which are near Dead Sea. These scrolls are deciphered turn by turn. Dr. Eshbal Ratzon and Prof. Jonatan Ben-Dov are working in the Bible Department of the Haifa University. They got success in reordering and decrypting the one scroll from the last two uncoded scrolls of the discovery.

In their discovery they found the ancient Essenes Jewish sect had been using a 364 day calendar. Moreover the researchers discovered the name ‘Tekufah’ which is the name of a festival celebrated four times in the year which denoted the change in the seasons. In Hebrew ‘Tekufah’ means period. This solar year calendar is opposite to the lunar calendar used by Jews presently. According to this scroll there is reference fesitivals of New Wheat, New Wine and oil harvest which showed a link with Jewish festival of Shavuot.

The Jewish sect living in Qumran was an extremist group which fled to the desert when persecuted by the ruling Jewish settlement. Eshbal Ratzon explains that the calendar has a month of 30 or 31 days as we have in our present calender. In the ancient Jewish calendar there are total 364 days with every holiday on a fix date. This priceless calendar explains “dates on which Shabbat falls and all the days of the week on which holidays fall.”