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Israeli Archeological Team Unearths, Possible Evidence Of Samson’s Fight With A Lion


An Israeli archeological team, claims to have found a sculpt delineating the Old Testament story of Samson’s fight with a lion.  

Biblical Samson fighting a lion

Professor Shlomo Bunimovitz and Dr. Zvi Lederman, directors of the excavation from Tel Aviv University, Israel reported that while recent unearthing at Tel Beit Shemesh, they found a small circular stone seal, less than an inch in diameter, chiseled out on which is a man with long hair fighting a subtle figure.   The seal was excavated near the Sorekm River, which served as a border between Israel and Palestine in primeval Old Testament times.

Earlier this year, in July, archeologists discovered Samson’s image on an atypical mosaic in a synagogue in Huqoq; an ancient Jewish village located just a few miles west of Capernaum, in Galilee.
By Madeeha Shakeel