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Israeli Christian girl killed by her father because of a relationship with Muslim man


An Israeli Christian has been accused of Killing his young little girl over her relationship with a Muslim man. Sami Karra supposedly killed his 17-year-old little girl Henriette in light of the fact that he questioned her association with a Muslim man, who was serving time in jail, as per Haaretz. According to the source Henriette wanted to change over to Islam for the man. Henriette’s mom, Aliham, told the police her significant other felt mortified by his girl’s conduct and considered it to be an attack against the “family’s respect.”

Israeli Christian girl killed by father over relation with Muslim man

The family over and again attempted to motivate her to complete the relationship. Henriette was slaughtered on June 13, two weeks after she exited home due to viciousness against her by relatives. Subsequent to leaving home she avoided them in various spots, including at the home of her sweetheart’s mom. The family at that point debilitated the mother, driving the teenager to discover somewhere else to remain. Seven days before the murder, Henrietta recorded an objection against her mom while police were likewise called to an episode where her dad was professedly beating and undermining her.

She was executed subsequent to advising a relative that she proposed to change over to Islam. The relative called Henriette’s dad and let him know of her designs. The arraignment affirms that the father at that point chosen to kill her. She was discovered dead in the kitchen of her parent’s home with cut injuries to the neck.