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It can’t get any worse: ISIS using chemical weapons, US claims


ISIS usinf chemical weapons

ISIS group is using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, US claims.

According to media reports, at least four occasions were identified by the US when chemical weapons were used on both sides of Iraq-Syria border.

A US official told BBC team that on the Turkey-Syria border claims to have seen evidence supporting these claims.

“They’re using mustard. We know they are. We’ve seen them use it on at least four separate occasions on both sides of the border both Iraq and Syria,” the official told about the ISIS.

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He contemplated the use of the mustard agents, probably used in powder form; packed into traditional explosives like mortar rounds. It is however not yet clear that these chemical weapons are being manufactured, or that ISIS militants found reserves of chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

“We assess that they have an active chemical weapons little research cell that they’re working on to try and get better at it,” the official said. Nonetheless, previously, according to a deal Syrian government handed over 1,180 tonnes of declared toxic agents and precursor chemicals to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Last month, an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria was launched by the United Nations. This investigation was intended to discover whether governments, groups or individuals are involved in the use of the chemical weapons.