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It is Britain’s duty to rescue Syrian Christians from the hotbed of persecution says, Lord Carey


Syrian Christians

Britain should prioritize Syrian Christian refugees above all.

According to media reports, Lord George Carey, has urged Britain to take Syrian Christians primarily, terming them as the most vulnerable and repeatedly targeted victims of the conflict.

Lord Carey said that Syrian Christians are the most susceptible and frequently targeted victims of this conflict. He argues that even though hundred years have gone past the Armenian and Assyrian genocide, in which over a million Christians were wiped off by Ottoman Muslims, the same genocide is being carried out today in the form of an ethnic cleansing of Christians in the region.

“Christians have been crucified, beheaded, raped, and subjected to forced conversion. The so-called Islamic State and other radical groups are openly glorifying the slaughter of Christians,” he said.

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Lord Carey further urged that Britain should make Syrian Christians a preference, “because they are a particularly vulnerable group. Furthermore, we are a Christian nation with an established Church so Syrian Christians will find no challenge to integration. The churches are already well-prepared and eager to offer support and accommodation to those escaping the conflict.”

While, the Barnabas Fund, which is a charity organisation, has recently resettled about 50 Syrian Christian families in Poland. The Barnabas Fund claims that British PM David Cameron’s policy unintentionally discriminates against the very Christian communities most victimised by the inhuman butchers of the so-called Islamic State.

“Christians are not to be found in the UN camps, because they have been attacked and targeted by Islamists and driven from them. They are seeking refuge in private homes, church buildings and with neighbours and family.”