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It is never easy to be a Christian says a Nigerian Priest


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Life is not easy for Christians, a pastor and former State Commissioner says.

According to details, a Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget and pastor-in-charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God- Ben Akabueze has said that it is tough to be a Christian in Nigeria.

In an interview, he remarked about liability, dishonesty, ethical behaviours and preparing a new breed of citizens with the annual Kingdom Summit which is organised by his church.

He talked about people who are effective in church but fail to work with similar effectiveness outside of church. Frankly speaking I would say that three things could be the reason for this. Firstly perhaps it is ignorance. There are people who suppose it is all right which is their own accepting of “giving to God what is God’s and to Caesar’s what Caesar’s.” They believe that they can manage this way but they need to be aware of the fact that this is not the correct approach.

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Secondly, it is our own environment, in which corruption is so omnipresent and it’s not only about someone collecting bribe but also that people are not given value rather money is given that value- which is root cause of all types of dishonesty.

It has nearly become the custom. “There is this trend that I call the normalisation of the abnormal.” Very many people just get accustomed to this and say that is how it is. Thirdly, personal responsibility is the cause as in reality and fact a lot of people are drawn by their own lust.

When people plunge into any kind of temptation, it is because of the reason that they are pulled in by their own lust. “Whether it is the lust of the flesh, you have people who indulge in illicit sexual activities at work; they see members of the opposite sex under them as part of the pecks of the office.” Otherwise people lust after money and other valuable properties and these are the three categories which need to be discussed and dealt with.