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It is the duty of the State of Pakistan to protect Nabeel Masih, Awami Worker’s Party avers


Awami Worker’s Party has insisted that it an inevitable duty of the State to provide protection to blasphemy accused Christian teenager Nabeel Masih. The 16-years-old lad, who is currently languishing behind the bars, was charged of committing blasphemy and consequently, Section 295 and 295-C were invoked against him.

Christian teenager accused of blasphemy in Punjab

Awami Workers Party’s Dil Nawaz asserts: “Every child is special and is endowed by birth right to receive the protection and care of its family, society and the state. The illiterate sixteen year old sweeper’s son Nabeel Masih charged under sections 295 and 295 A of the Pakistan Penal Code, stands to lose his freedom over a social media interaction of liking a picture of Muslim holy site Kabaa on the Facebook; too innocuous action in the digital age that is neither defined in the Law of Blasphemy, nor the Cyber-crime Law.”

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While urging for a state backed protection for the teenage respondent, he stated: “As a law abiding citizen and member of the community, I find it alarming that, without any established rules of either collecting evidence or for attributing intentions in the digital space, the criminalizing of digital exchanges has become increasingly common.”

AWP’s Dil Nawaz pointed out towards the flaws in investigatory processes and believability of the blasphemy accusations. “Such accusations are instruments of persecution for Pakistan’s minority communities, who still hold dear the promise of equality that Founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah made to them.”

Ranting and raving at the fanaticism he further stated: “As the case of Nabeel Masih demonstrates, these accusations are accompanied by mob intimidation in the police station and the courtroom, denying the victim any chance of due process or fair hearing.”

“It is the duty of the State of Pakistan to protect Nabeel Masih and provide him a fair chance in life; a guarantee enshrined in our constitution and also in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals to which Pakistan is a signatory. It is a travesty that instead of making good on this guarantee, this young boy is in a prison cell; incarcerated by the very state that is entrusted by natural and divine law to protect him,” he emphasized.

Nabeel Masih son of Amanat Masih resident of Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur, was fallaciously accused of posting a picture of Khana-e-Kaaba on Facebook which was deemed blasphemous by the complainant.

Akhtar Ali, the complainant in this case claimed that he had seen a post on Nabeel Masih’s Facebook timeline; which was derogatory towards an Islamic sacred place. He maintained that Nabeel had blasphemed by posting a picture of Khana-e-Kaaba in a derogatory manner therefore; he has hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims.