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It Was “Unimaginabe” That Christians Could Be Driven Out Of Iraq After 2000 Years


Appealing for the protection of Christians in the Middle East, Pope Francis said it was “unimaginable” that they could be driven out of the region after 2 000 years.

“We cannot be resigned to imagining a Middle East without Christians”, Pope Francis said at a special meeting of cardinals, known as the consistory.

Despite the fact that the number of Christians has been dwindling throughout the Middle East, recently there has been an exodus of the Christian community from Iraq and Syria following the sturdy and lethal advance of ISIS.

“The latest developments, especially in Iraq and Syria, are very worrying”, Francis said. “We are looking at a terrorist phenomenon of previously unimaginable dimensions.”

He described it as an “unjust situation” that requires not only constant prayers, but also an adequate response from the international community.