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Italian MEP moves a resolution in European Parliament seeking revocation of Asia Bibi’ capital punishment


An Italian Member of European Parliament, Antonio Tajani has introduced a declaration in the European Parliament, seeking release of Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi on death row for allegedly committing blasphemy. MEP Antonio Tajani initiated this campaign in order to emphasize on the plight of the Christian respondent.

Blasphemy case against Asia Bibi

Italian MEP has presented a written declaration, in the European Parliament, which seeks termination of the death punishment awarded to Asia Bibi, who is incarcerated since 2010. MEP Antonio Tajani is aiming to get this declaration signed by at least more than half of the members of the European Parliament. This declaration is designed to censure treatment Asia Bibi received after being accused of blasphemy, at the same time endorsing religious freedom in Pakistan.

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For a fact, if the declaration gets signed by more than half of the MEPs; it will have same value as that of a petition and will be forwarded to the High Representative of the European Union and the European Commission. MEP Antonio Tajani, who is an ex- Commissioner, insisted that the European Union should take “all necessary political and diplomatic action” to ensure freedom of Asia Bibi and make sure that the deteriorating situation of religious freedom is revamped in Pakistan.

50-year-old, Asia Bibi is currently, languishing behind the bars facing death sentence. She was accused of committing blasphemy in June 2009 by her fellow-workers. In 2010, a Session’s Court in District Nankana, handed capital punishment to Asia Bibi. Subsequently, her defense lawyers filed an appeal against the capital punishment while she has remained in police custody since then. However, on July 22, 2015 the Supreme Court of Pakistan temporarily halted her execution, citing lack of evidence against her.