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Its about time that SC’ ruling regarding religious minorities be implemented says Julius Salik


It has become imperative that the Apex Court’ ruling concerning the religious minorities’ election, in the country be implemented, as explained by prominent Christian leader Julius Salik. He was addressing the attendees at the Sahiwal Press Club, on May 20, Friday. He said that, he will go to any length in order to make sure that the Supreme Court’ ruling is implemented in the country.

Supreme Court ruling about minorities in Pakistan

Julius Salik while addressing the audience further said that he had come to Sahiwal after 20 years. “It’s indeed a pleasing that on August 5, 2015, the full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled that the election procedure of religious minorities’ candidates should be revised.”

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The Supreme Court in its ruling had directed the concerned authorities to adopt the election procedure for the candidates from the religious minorities who contest for the reserved seats. The Apex Court has remarked that by adhering to a selection procedure for the religious minorities’ representatives, conveys them a feeling of second class citizens of Pakistan.

“However, sadly, after nine months of the Supreme Court’ ruling Parliament has not taken up this issue,” he explained. Our next step is definitely towards making sure that the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding adoption of election procedure for the religious minorities’ candidates is being implemented.

He further said, that for this cause we have to take all possible steps to urge the leaders to take note of the issue and adopt the election procedure instead of selection of representatives of religious minorities. Only, after the implementation on this ruling will the poor get access to their due rights.