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Its about time that selection of minorities’ representatives be revoked:Chief Organizer Masihi Awami Party


Chief organizer of Masihi Awami Party, Salamat Bhatti has highlighted the inevitable need to revoke the selection procedure for minorities’ representatives in National and Provincial Assemblies. He urged that the authorities must look into the procedure throughout the country- so that democracy may thrive in Pakistan.

Masihi Awami Party demands election procedure for minorities

He said that current selection system is undemocratic and completely in contrast to the Constitution of Pakistan. He said that there are 70 seats in national and provincial assemblies reserved for minorities and women. Out of which 10 seats are reserved for minorities and 60 for women, which is unfair towards the religious minorities in Pakistan.

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Salamat Bhatti asserted that owing to bigoted representation of minorities in the national and provincial assemblies, religious minorities are marooned. Existing selection system has also been denounced by the judiciary which termed it unconstitutional. He explained that representatives of religious minorities selected by the political parties can in no way be true representatives of their communities unless they get elected by them.

Owing to this reason minorities’ representatives who do not need to get elected by minorities pay least attention to their communities. Out problems are swelling day by day, which had led has to raise our voice against selection procedure and ask for election procedure.