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Its about time that the “anti-religious minorities” content be removed from the school textbooks


Pakistani schools children

There is an imperative need to remove the hate content against the religious minorities, which is found in the school textbooks. Instead replace it with peace and harmony promoting content, Pakistan’ Bishops demand.

Recently, the National Commission “Justice and Peace” of the Catholic Bishops of Pakistan, has moved an appeal regarding the removal of hate content from the school textbooks on urgent basis. The bishops urged that it is vital to eliminate the contents of hatred and fanaticism towards the religious minorities in the school textbooks which are currently, in use in schools across Pakistan.

Moreover, in connection to the same issue, the National Commission “Justice and Peace,” has further put forth a document which is titled, “Eradicating religious intolerance through education.”

National Commission “”Justice and Peace,” further pointed out to the fact that, if Pakistan’ society is set to take on the road of development and security, then, there is a need to acknowledge the need to respect of human rights and preserve the dignity of each and every person. The rest of the world, Western countries in particular are inspired and regulated societies by the rule of law, seeing that it has become imperative in our country that “the structure of school education must be changed and the curriculum must be modified.”

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While remarking on the burning issue of a pivotal cause of spread of religious intolerance in Pakistani society, Kashif Aslam, one of the members of the National Commission, further maintained that the Commission has examined and studied about 70 textbooks currently being used in Pakistan’ schools.

He went on to explain that in the current report put forward by the National Commission “Justice and Peace,” only reported about 25% of the textbooks that were examined by the body of bishops. He aired that the analysis found out the textbooks being used in the schools of Sindh have comparatively less hate content as compared to the ones being used in the schools of Punjab. The textbooks used in Sindh’ school “contain fewer prejudices against religious minorities”, he observed.

Apart from pressing upon the need to do away with such hate content, the Commission expressed hope and presented recommendations for a joint venture between the country’ Ministry of Education, civil society, various organizations and different religious communities living in Pakistan to join hands and hamper the publishing and teaching of such biased texts and bring about reforms in the textbooks curriculum. “If one really wants to eradicate religious intolerance, it is necessary to start from the education of young people and the formation of their mentality: the harmonic and peaceful future of Pakistani society depends on this,” the Commission concluded.