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“Its a life style”:Young worship enthusiast Zubin Ernest excels in the finest of the fine arts


Fashioned as an instrument of worship, Zubin Ernest born in 1991 had a high calling on his life. His parents were well aware of this since his babyhood. “Ever since I was a little baby, some men and women of God prophesied about things to come,” he explained,” So my parents always had an idea that I was a child with a high calling from God upon my life.”

Young Pakistani Christians

He has had an encounter with the Lord, at an early age, “At the age of 5, Ii got slain in a prayer meeting and was privileged to see Jesus and Heaven, in a vision. I saw how the angels were Worshiping the Lord.” “For me, the calling on my life is more valuable than anything,” he asserted.

Karachi-born, worship devotee attended Saint Michael’s Convent School, later went on to procure O-levels. He continued his, education at the DA DEGREE COLLEGE, and graduated in Commerce, acquiring a B.Com degree.“Nothing happens overnight, it was a process,” he said. While talking about his aspirations he said,” God is my planner. I don’t really know what is in store for me the very next minute, but yes; I do aim on doing a lot more for the glory of God now and in the future.”

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He said he has a burden for reaching out to the young souls, “I have a heart for the youth and the gospel to reach the ends of the earth. I just aim to put in my little share in the ocean, to reach souls and expand the Kingdom of God.”

At the tender age of 5, he participated in a gospel singing completion organized at a church. “I was introduced as the youngest singer,” he said. He sang, so well that the organizers and jury thought he had Lip synched to a CD played at the background. However, when they found out it was his voice and he sang live, he was awarded the first prize.

Young Christian Worshipers in Pakistan

Zubin has had music training as he revealed, “Ever since childhood I had vocal trainers coming to train me. Not because I had interest, but my mom and dad insisted me to learn singing.” Initially he showed reluctance to learn from his “Ustaad” however he could not succeed much trying to avoid him. “As a teenager I was introduced as a guest singer in some random CDs, but my real big start was with the album,”Meri Duwa”. But singing in a CD was not enough. For God hasn’t called us to worship, he has called us to be Worshipers. It is a lifestyle!

Since 12 years, Zubin E has been serving the Lord with his uplifting worship music as Worship Leader at Victory Family Centre, Karachi, Pakistan. “God has helped me equip many from this generation to become a Worshiper like me. I’m not passionate about music, I’m passionate for Jesus.”

Talking about worshiping God- the finest of the fine arts says, “Any divine melody, composition and lyrics that are inspired by the Spirit of God will definitely transform the hearts and lives of all the listeners in some or the other way.” Having his heart and mind set on adoration, he says, “The word of God that we sing doesn’t go to waste. I believe all Spiritual songs touch a million hearts as the Holy Spirit prompts their hearts.”

Christian youth in Pakistan

“Even the hardest hearts melt while worshiping in the Presence of the Holy spirit. Therefore it not about me,” he exclaimed while adding, “but the work of the Holy Spirit who touches and transforms lives. I thank the Lord and humbled that the hymns I sang went out to the places i haven’t even went yet.”

“This generation is the most gifted, and the most distracted generation at the same time. You cannot worship God unless you don’t love Him, you cannot love Him unless you don’t know HIM. So get connected to the Word of the Lord and know Him personally.”

“Music is just a small part of worship. Worship is a huge thing. God doesn’t listen to the beautiful songs, He listens to the heart behind the songs, the character behind it. Worshipers stay focused!” he admonished contemporary worshipers.

In essence, he is living out the fact that songs of worship arise form a life of worship. He quoted Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” He urges all believers specially the youth to meditate on this Scripture.

“In other words, represent Christ with everything. That’s true worship! This verse simply means, where ever God has placed you He has a plan for you, to shine His light and represent His Kingdom. If you are a singer, sing for His glory,” he said.

“If you are a doctor, worship Him through your research. Heal people physically and spiritually too.If you are beautician, beautify people spiritual by giving them a spiritual cleansing. The list goes on….Where ever God has placed you, make it an altar and minister to this generation,” he advises Christian youth.