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J.Salik addresses unnoticed national issues in a petition to SC


ISLAMABAD: Former Federal Minister Mr. J. Salik hits on some of the national issues as he submits a petition in the Apex Court to take notice of these.


J.Salik submits a petition in SC
J.Salik submits a petition in SC


Mr. J. Salik a Former Federal Minister and Convener World Minority Alliance has submitted a petition beseeching SC to take Sue Moto; respecting a few imperative national issues in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.




The petition reads as follows:


Honorable Chief Justice

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Constitution Avenue, Islamabad

Respected Sir

Most respectfully I want to invite your kind attention to some important national Issues.

1. Meesaq e Madina should be a part of legislation, so that it should make a part of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to protect the rights of minorities according to Islam.

2. Kalima Tayyiba has been calligraphed on the face of Parliament House, the security staff on duty most of the times stand upper than Kalma Tayyiba and this statement is calligraphed at level of the floor of Presidency. The Kalima Tayyiba as a matter of principle should be on top than the feet of the security staff and it should be above the top of presidency at all cost.

3. The main gate of Supreme Court on which the symbolic “Balance and Holy words” calligraphed, was used in earlier days, and who ever passed through this gate felt as if he had taken the oath of being sincere to Court and to the country. Now since long it is closed and back door is used instead of the gate. Kindly open the main door for entrance in the Supreme Court and if it is kept closed for security reasons then place the ‘’Symbolic Balance and Holy Words” on the back door of court too and consider it equal to the main gate.

4. In order to promote nationalism among government officers, the practice of using casts names should be discouraged. In case a candidate is going to be selected for any government post, his cast name should not remain the part of his name and he must be bound to omit it.

5. No government Officer should be permitted to use the facilities given by the government of Pakistan for their personal requirements and nobody should be allowed to use official facilities to dominate the people.

6. In order to bring discipline in bureaucracy, to prevent discrimination and class division, a proper uniform/dress should be prescribed for Bureaucracy personnel’s as already being used by The Judges, Lawyers, Army personnel’s Air Force, Navy, Rangers, Police, Traffic Police, Doctors, Nurses, Railway, PIA, and the students of Universities, Colleges and Schools already have their uniforms.