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J. Salik determined for peace promotion in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: A Prominent Christian leader J. Salik writes to the UNO for peace promotion in the region by collaborated efforts.

J Salik
J Salik

Through the platform of World Minorities Alliance, WMA Julius Salik hopes to extend every possible help to the poor and oppressed of Pakistan, He calls himself, “the king of poor” as Salik puts himself forward as a candidate for National Assembly of Pakistan from NA-148.

In recent times he has been campaigning for the Elections 201 on the other hand strives to promote interfaith peace and harmony. Salik’s march to Islamabad few days ago came as apart of his elections campaign.

A copy of his letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations is as follows:


Mr. Ban Ki-moon

The Secretary General

The United Nations

New York

Our Objective: Promotion of Global Peace through Democracy and Minority Rights

The message is for all peace lovers of the world

We believe in democracy, which means:

  • Freedom of expression along with the realization of human responsibilities
  • Protection of the due rights of minorities
  • Equality and guaranteed human rights of all individuals, irrespective of denomination, creed or religion
  • Tolerance and compassion for all fellow beings
  • Peace and harmony among the people of all walks of life
  • Freedom for all citizens of the world to follow their faith.

We believe that democracy will provide:

  • Peace and prosperity based on harmonious and mutually tolerant society
  • Rights to minorities all over the world
  • General and equal right to choose the government (based on the principle of one person, one vote)
  • Religious freedom, inter-faith and inter-cultural harmony
  • Good governance (with its main focus on public wellbeing and elimination of corruption)
  • Equitable distribution of power among state institutions, i.e., Executive, Legislature and Judiciary

Our Seven Point Agenda particularly focuses on World Minority Rights, i.e.:

Establishment of a credible mechanism (Minority Seat), within the UN Charter, that would safeguard the interests of minorities in all relevant UN resolutions, decisions and programs.

Designation of an annual UN Day for Peace and Harmony among Majorities and Minorities in all UN member states.

Introduction of suitable curricula in the UN University, Tokyo, and encouragement of similar programmes in schools, colleges and universities worldwide, aimed at the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation among the majority and minority populations.

Translation and distribution of UN documents and publications in languages spoken by significantly larger segments of populations in different regions of the world ”(e.g. Urdu, Bangla, Turkish, Korean and Swahili, each of which is spoken by millions of people in different countries of the world)”.

Creation of reserved seats for minorities in national and provincial legislatures of member states wherever these do not exist. The provision of election to fill these seats by popular ballot in the minority communities instead of resorting to undemocratic practices wherever these have been established. And the establishment of a special committee at the United Nations to guide and monitor the member states in this regard.

Recognition of major religious festivals of minorities and their inclusion into the lists of national holidays.

Extension of due regard and respect to Prophets, Saints and other religious and spiritually venerated figures, and their protection from ridicule and other liberties taken in the media and elsewhere under the pretext of freedom of expression.

Julius Salik
Founder, World Minorities Alliance

Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize & Former Federal Minister Government of Pakistan. Three time independent elected member of National Assembly