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J Salik expresses solidarity with Badami Bagh Victims


 Christian politician and activist, J. Salik expresses solidarity with the affectees of the sabotage in Badami Bagh Lahore.

J Salik on Badami Bagh issue
J Salik on Badami Bagh issue

He arrived in Lahore on Sunday, to convey shared aims with the Christian community of Joseph Town. According to the witnesses, he spent time on the scene with the victims of the incident, expressing deep grief over the loss of residents of Joseph Town. He put across his disappointment over the security provisions of the minorities.

He criticized the Punjab Government, saying the authorities could have prevented this brutality by taking adequate security measures since the clashes between Christians and Muslims were clearly known to all. He declared the incident to be a result of negligence of the government of Punjab and  demanded justice to the affectees and compensation for their restoration.