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J Salik urges implementation of SC’ verdict regarding election of representatives of minorities


Noticeable Pakistani Christian politician, Julius Salik issued a press release on May 14, insisting for implementation on Supreme Court’ verdict on Minorities’ representatives’ elections instead of selection. “In order to restore the rights of minorities, implementation on Supreme Court’s decision,” he stated. We can go to any extent to in order to get this decision implemented.

Elections for religious minorities candidates

Convener of World Minorities’ Alliance and organizer of Awami Masiha Party-Julius Salik held a convention for his party workers in order to decide their future course of action pursuing implementation on the verdict of Supreme Court regarding the elections to seats reserved for religious minorities.

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Workers and pastors from across the province, participated in this convention which was held at the National Council of Churches Pakistan, Mazang Chungi Lahore. “I am over joyed to see you all after twenty years, and I hope that you all will stand by me in the same manner,” J Salik said. At this occasion he briefed the participants about the verdict of Supreme Court issued on August 5, 2015; in which a full bench of the Apex court had directed the authorities to correct the procedure of selection for the representatives of minorities. The court further directed that an election procedure should be implemented for the minorities candidates as well, he told.

He continued to say that the Supreme Court remarked that the minorities are being treated as second class citizens of Pakistan since they are being selected not elected and the minorities must not be discriminated against. “However, even after nine months and nine days, Parliament has failed to implement this verdict,” he complained.

He said that not even once, this matter has been discussed in the Parliament House. He said that his next step in this direction will be to ensure implementation on this verdict, and for this cause we shall leave no rock upturned. Parliament has to act in accordance with this decision, in order to ensure rights to the poor he said.

Followed by the convention, the participants staged a rally which ended at the Shimla Pahari. At this occasion, the participants of the rally offered prayers for the families of the deceased workers of the party.