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Jailed for Evangelism: The Modern Day Paul


This is the story of Alice, the modern day Paul who used her time in jail for ministering to her Muslim inmates. She spent more than 6 years caged in the Eritrean prison for her faith in Christ in the most oppressive regime against Christians in the region.

Eventually Alice was released in February 2015 but her voice is now silenced, her mind is deeply traumatized and she is restricted to her home under the ever present eye of the government that jailed her.

Friends and family say she does not say anything. When she came out of the prison she said everything was wonderful but as she is constantly controlled, she has stopped speaking and doing anything.

Alice was born in Eritrea and migrated to US at an early age. She had developed a passion for ministering the word of God and she felt God calling her home to Eritrea. Once back home she started Bible Study classes and ministry in other forms as well.

In 2009 Alice attempted to cross the border and go to US to renew her passport. She was arrested and thrown in jail without any proper allegation, or sentence. It was as if she disappeared. Her indefinite prison sentence began in January 2009.

God had bigger plans for Alice even during her time in the jail. Details of her trial still remain undisclosed but the Lord knew her suffering and used it for the salvation of those imprisoned with her.

After Alice ministered to them, Muslim prisoners turned to God in their darkest hour when they were physically abused, tortured and beaten. Many also reported upon being set free that Muslim prisoners were converting to Christianity in the confines of the jail. Alice’s faithful preaching of the gospel gave them new life and hope.

She was another Paul or Joseph who was imprisoned unjustly in Egypt. God used her sentence for good. Although she was released from Eritrean prison earlier this year, she still has trials to face.

She is under constant watch by the government to even censor what she says. Eritrea is one of the most difficult places for a Christian to live in. There are severe violations of religion, freedom and even basic human rights.