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Jamshoro: 8-years-old disabled Christian girl enrolled in a school following efficacious struggle by a Christian advocate


A Christian girl unfortunately unable to walk will now be able to attend school after a Christian lawyer Advocate Sooba Bhatti succors her. 8-years-old, Alisha who has an ardent desire to attend school but was unable to get education because of her meager background. “She is disabled, she cannot walk,” stated Advocated Sooba Bhatti.

Pakistani Christian girl helped to get education

In a statement, Advocate Sooba Bhatti revealed that he first paid a visit to her house on July 1, along with Pastor Shakir. Advocate Sooba Bhatti inquired after her health and asked her whether she wanted to go to school. She expressed her desire to go to school, she said that when she saw children going to school daily she would also desire to attend school.

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After learning about her desires, Advocate Sooba Bhatti contacted his friends and urged various other Christians to help raising the funds for her educational expenses. While narrating about her family background, Advocate Sooba Bhatti said that her mother was living her second husband and Alisha and her 12-years-old brother Harrison were living with their step farther. Every day her mother would take Harrison along with her, and Alisha would remain at home alone.

Advocate Sooba Bhatti asked for her mother’s permission and started making efforts for Alisha’s admission. Harrison her brother took responsibility of escorting his sister to school. On September 11, Advocate Sooba Bhatti along with Pastor Shakir met with Principal of Deni’s School, Kotri District Jomshoro.

Following successful efforts of Advocate Sooba Bhatti and Pastor Shakir along with the donors, Alisha and Harrison will now be able to attend school and get education. “We are thankful to our friends and supporters and colleagues who supported this noble work. We hope our friend’s prayer and love will be continuing for the needy and poor people,” Advocate Sooba Bhatti’s message reads.