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Jehlum: 10 die after consuming toxic alcohol, church calls for a ban on alcohol in Punjab


Ten Christians die after drinking toxic alcohol in Jhelum’s Christian Colony. Among those who died were guests celebrating at a wedding last night. The area is commonly known as “sharaab ghot” infamously known for production of liquor. Ensuing the sad news of the incident, Feroze Kay Community Church, Sialkot has offered heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the deceased people.

Christians producing alcohol in pakistan

Babar Gill, Trustee of Feroze Kay Community Church, Sialkot is a statement has offered deep condolences over the loss of valuable lives. “Our condolences and deepest sympathies go out to the victims and their families.”

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Soon after the details of the incident emerged, Feroze Kay Community Church stated: “We pay our condolences and deepest sympathies with the victims and their families, Christina Colony Jhelum, while feel deeply troubled at the casualties. We strongly condemned the use of liquor by Christian communities which is a cause of losing valuable lives.”

The statement termed October 28, as a black day for the Christian community of Pakistan. “We being as Christians have suffered a lot whenever we have taken as granted the use of liquor which is strongly have been advised Biblically by the Word of God.”

Babar Gill further reiterated: “This is the time to unite all churches and give a message to our communities to avoid and stop use of liquor and other drugs which are causing loss of precious lives.” He went on to call upon the authorities to revoke permits for alcohol production and sale.

We urge local governments to impose strong ban on issuing new liquor licenses, he stated.