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Jesus changes life of a gay drug addict who didn’t believe God


Kegan Wesley

Christian speaker Kegan Wesley talks to CBN and shares the amazing testimony of his life.

Wesley was a homosexual and a drug addict. At the age of ten, he was raped by several men at a birthday party and the horrific incident turned him into a confused child. Confused about his sexuality, he turned to a homosexual life style.

“I didn’t know where to go or who to go to and I felt if I went to somebody, what was I going to tell them.” Wesley said

After the incident, he started doing drugs and became a drunkard. “I did anything and everything to take my mind off the moment when I was a little boy.”

Wesley told that at the age of 18, he went to a Christian concert not actually believing the existence of a god.

“I was a borderline atheist. I didn’t believe because I didn’t know Jesus.” Wesley explained

Wesley remembers that he went to the altar that night and asked Jesus to come into his life. “It was like in a moment God’s love hit my life and I remember crying and snorting and just falling to the ground because I felt so much love and I’ve never felt like that in my life.” he said

“Jesus did for me in a moment what I tried to do in my entire life time”

That night Wesley’s mentor Eddy James prophesied that Wesley would travel around the world glorifying the Lord’s name and preaching the Gospel and thousands of live will be changed because of him. Wesley has since been travelling the world sharing his testimony and the amazing love of God that he has received.

Talking about the church and homosexuality Wesley said, “In the darkest hour of my life, the world was so loud and the church was so quiet. I feel like sometimes, we hide from the problem than run to it.”

When asked about temptation he said, “Temptation, you can’t escape. Jesus had temptation. So temptation comes but it’s not that temptation comes that defines me but what I do with temptation that defines me.”

Wesley also said that he strongly believed Romans 12:2 and that he wanted to be more like Jesus and less like himself.

To people who say that they are born homosexual and are a victim to their circumstances Wesley said, “We all are born some way and we are definitely born into sin which is why we have to get saved and be born again.”

Talking to parents of homosexual children he said he would ask them to trust the Lord because He has got all in control and pray for their children.

Advising people struggling with the homosexual behaviour he said, “We all have a human condition called sin and the struggle is real but so is our Saviour. We in our selves fall and fail but it’s Jesus’ forgiveness that saves us and changes us”

“Fall in love with the Lord and watch how your love for him can completely change your life,” he added