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Jesus was persecuted, Christians should expect nothing less, says a Kenyan pastor


Christians persecuted worldwide

If Jesus was persecuted, Christians should expect nothing less, as stated by a Kenyan pastor.

While reflecting about the global persecution of Christians, a Kenyan pastor talked about what it really means to be a true follower of Lord Jesus Christ. He was reflecting on this subject at the occasion of anniversary of the Garissa Attack.

Garissa based- Pastor David, while speaking with an international persecution watchdog group said, “God is always just and we should learn to appreciate his will, depend on him for strength, and thank Him for the gift of life because there is nothing that can compensate the lost lives of the students.”

A year has passed since the deadly Gharissa University attack, when at least 147 people, including majority of students, were killed in an assault by al-Shabab militants. Heavily armed militants stormed Garissa University in north-eastern Kenya, and killed two security guards then fired indiscriminately on students. It was the deadliest attack up till now by al-Shabab. According to the eye witnesses, the militants singled out Christians and shot them.

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The victims of the massacre have been remembered in several different commemorating programs this past week, which included candlelight vigils across Kenya.

Since the incident, Pastor Daniel, has been engaged in ministering to the Christian students who had been attacked at the Garissa University. These students he says were still coping with the traumatizing memories of the attack. He says, he reminds the students that if “Jesus Himself represents the One most persecuted,” then Christians should expect nothing less.

Wile speaking about the distressing incident, few residents of Garissa said, “As we try to mourn the innocent lives, it’s like it happened yesterday. The images of the dead bodies keep on playing in my mind. It was really a traumatising experience.”

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale laid stress on the fact that regardless of the religion, Kenyans need to stand united as one people. “Together as a country, from the north to the south to the west to east, from the Muslims to Christians… together we must fight all forms of terror.”