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Jhang: Christians consuming water contaminated with sewage


Christian community residing in Jhang’s Christian Colony forced to drink water contaminated with sewage. Local Christians claim that contamination is deliberate and is a reprisal to nominating an independent candidate in the elections. The neighborhood is home to about 530 Christian families.

Christians in Pakistan harassed

A local Christian revealed to Minority Voice that in 1975, Father Bony Mandus had bought this land to be used as a residential area for Catholics. He laid the foundation of Christian Colony; however, “sewage is now let into a trench only a few yards away from the Christian Colony.”

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Previously, sewage from the entire city was thrown into the Ayub Chowk, nonetheless a new project was taken up according to which the sewage was to be thrown into a lake nearby Ayub Chowk. The project was not completed in due schedule owing to which the sewage is now being let into the trench few yards away from the Christian Colony which is causing a contamination of the sewage into the water supply to the Christian neighborhood.

Anticipating sweeping effects of the sewage being discarded in the trench near their neighborhood, Christians had staged protests, moved local courts and had implored local political leaders. They urged local leaders to consider their decision to dump sewage near Christian Colony.

Local Christians claim that a political grievance has caused the neglect from the local political authorities. In local election held in October 2015, Christians demanded that a Christian candidate must be allowed to contest for the seat of chairman as there is a significantly large number of Christians in the area.

“Our demand was overlooked by the local political leaders,” they said. Consequently, local Christians nominated Safdar Masih, a Christian resident as their candidate for the local body elections. “Our struggle for our own representative has sowed discord between us and local political authorities.”

Which is why they are not willing to listen to our plea. The authorities are reluctant to provide a filtration plant despite the fact the sewage has now visibly started mixing in the water supply to Christian Colony. This contaminated water has already caused outbreak of several diseases, while the authorities are not willing to facilitate us, residents of Christian Colony complain.